Living-learning communities at Virginia Tech could define your on-campus experience at Virginia Tech. These communities bridge academics, residence hall living, and being part of the Hokie Nation, ensuring your connection to campus is deep and immediate. We want all students to have a place they belong the moment they step on campus, and living-learning is one way you can make that happen. Our living-learning programs have demonstrated students have increased access and interation to faculty, as well as higher cumulative grade point averages compared to non-LLC peers. At Virginia Tech, we have sixteen different living-learning communities, and more are on the way. Explore the communities below to find the one that fits you best. Questions? Contact living-learning programs, or Housing & Residence Life

There are many residence halls on campus and several room styles within those. To get a closer look inside some of these room styles, check out our 360º room photos. This is a great way to see what it's like to live on campus!

Hotel-style room pictures, along with more inside looks at residence halls on campus, coming soon.