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Move-In Tips

Not just quick, but useful too. Use some of these tips to make move-in easy:

  • Bring a handcart. Let's face it, you don't want to carry 4 boxes of encyclopedias by yourself.
  • Come up with a plan that makes good use of the 30-minute unloading permit. A lot of families will unload their car while the student is checking into their residence hall. Once unloaded, someone stays with the belongings while the car is moved to long-term parking. The belongings can then be moved into the room once the car is in long-term parking and check-in has been completed.
  • Move in faster. If you check in Friday or Saturday, you will be helped out by the Hokie helpers, a group of student volunteers who assist with unloading and move in. More information on the Hokie helpers and other move-in resources are available in the we can help section.
  • Prepare yourself for a lot of walking and climbing stairs. Many 3- to 4-floor residence halls do not have elevators, and move-in services are only located along Washington Street. Also, be prepared for heat or rain, which can make move-in conditions less than ideal.
  • Plan to send home or dispose of packing boxes, crates, or other moving supplies. Storage for such items is minimal and box forts, no matter how cool, tend to be fire hazards.
  • Ask questions; staff members are available in every hall.