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End of Year/Semester Check-out

Steps to a Successful Check-out

Moving Out

Download the Check-out for Hokies, Spring 2016 Edition.

  1. Remove your belongings and clean room. Remember, leaving the room/suite in a clean and acceptable condition is the responsibility of everyone in the room and/or suite.
  2. Regular Check-out: Check out of room with any resident advisor (R.A.) from your building, using the room condition form on file.
  3. Express Check-out: Where available, you may place your key in an Express Check-out Envelope and turn it in at the dropbox location. The room condition form will be reviewed after your departure. You are implicitly accepting the review of the building and administrative staff when using the express check-out option.
  4. Give your signed and completed room condition form and keys to R.A. staff member from your building.
  5. If there are damages associated with the room, a charge will be placed on your student account.


Room Cleanliness/Check-out Expectations

Residents are expected to leave their rooms in as good or better shape than they found them. Students leaving during the semester should depart their room having prepared the room for the arrival of a future occupant. Any damages to the room should be noted to the R.A. staff. All personal effects must be removed from university property. Failure to do so will result in additional per diem fees and/or charges for item removal/disposal. Housing and Residence Life will not be responsible for abandoned personal property. The R.A. staff will complete a room condition form with the student for regular check-outs or complete the same form afterwards for express check-outs. Please meet with the R.A. to discuss your departure and expectations in advance of your planned departure.