November 2018

Upcoming Academic Break

Saturday, November 17, 2018,  10 a.m.  through Sunday, November 25 2018, 8 a.m.

During this time, the residence halls will be operating in a low-cccupancy period and students are encouraged to view specific details about operations during this time.

Students staying during the break in their residence hall must register using the StarRez Portal (under Online Forms > Thanksgiving Break) if they will be staying for any part of the break period. Students noted in residence without an active  break registration may face financial and student conduct penalties.

Dining plans are not operational during the Thanksgiving Break  Please see the Dining Hours page for details.

Housing During Academic Breaks

Normally, residents leave during the academic breaks (Thanksgiving, Winter, Spring Breaks) to visit home, go on study abroad/collateral trips, or to take short vacations and in the past, most residence halls closed completely during the breaks while a select number stayed open.  As part of a pilot project this academic year, HRL will keep all residence halls open during the 3 academic breaks.   Students may stay during winter break only if they are scheduled to return to classes for the spring semester.  Registration for break is required so that HRL will know who is expected to stay or not and that registration will open in October for the Thanksgiving break period.  Students should watch their email for directions to register.  There is no additional fee to stay during the break.

HRL hopes that this change supports our students who live at a distance away from campus or that have need to stay for academic, employment, or collateral experience needs.  As this will be a low-occupancy period, there are considerations that we strongly encourage students to read and understand including emergency procedures, lock-out processes, water temperatures, and general support availability.

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