Conference and Guest Services offers many amenities for conference/camp guests to enjoy during your visit to Virginia Tech.

All rooms are equipped with the following:

  • Two extra-lontwin size beds (36" x 80")  
  • Two sheets, two towels, a washcloth, a pillow, and a pillowcase for each guest if requested by the sponsor
  • One Ethernet port per room, guests must supply their own Ethernet cord
  • A limited number of Ethernet hubs are available for check-out for those needing an additional wired internet connection.
  • Coin-operated laundry facilities in residence halls
  • Vending areas available in residence halls


Guests can have mail delivered while they are staying on campus throughout the summer. All mail will be delivered to our Hospitality Desk and guests will be able to pick it up there 24/7.


Note:  Beginning with Fall 2015, residence hall rooms no longer have telephones included.  Blue box phones have been added to each residence hall floor to be used in the event of an emergency to contact the Virginia Tech Police Department dispatcher.

Each room also has one live Ethernet ports for guest use, each guest must provide their own Ethernet cord. A limited number of ethernet hubs are available for guests needing a second wired internet connection.  Rooms also have live cable that guests can utilize. Televisions and cords are not provided, guests must bring those if they wish to have a television in the room. All buildings have at least one television in a lounge that can be used by guests. 

Wireless is also available on campus in the residence hall lounges and all of the academic buildings. Complimentary guest access codes can be obtained from the customer service desk in New Hall West.

Building Security

All exterior doors are locked 24 hours a day and each guest will need a card to gain access to the building. Virginia Tech also has a certified police department to serve the university community.