Whether you are hosting a sports camp or needing to find athletic facilities for your guests to enjoy, War Memorial Gym has everything to offer.

There is an Olympic-size (25 yards) pool that can be reserved for the group's exclusive use or guests can enjoy the open swim times throughout the day, check the facilities schedule to find the open swim hours. War Memorial also has two gyms with a rubber floor that can be used for basketball, volleyball, cheering, or any other activities that might need a large, open space. One gym has two basketball courts and the second gym has three basketball courts. Two multi-use rooms and a dance/aerobics room are also available for groups to reserve.

In addition to the inside facilities, there are also many outdoor fields that can be reserved for groups for soccer, softball, field hockey, rugby, or any other activities. If any field lining is needed, it can be done by Recreational Sports at an additional cost to the group. Tents are allowed on the fields, but must be approved in advance.

There are twelve tennis courts located on campus on Washington Street.   There are six additional courts located by the South Rec Fields that can be reserved. All courts are lighted. It is important to note that all tennis courts are for tennis only, and no other sports are permitted on the courts.

Guests are also allowed to use the Hokie Gym Weight Room, sauna, and pool during their free time. Guests can purchase a daily pass or pre-purchase a pass to use these facilities daily. A daily pass costs $5 per person per day. The electronic access cards used for building entry can also be used to access these fitness facilities if the service is chosen by the conference planner.