Each student who lives on campus enters a Housing/Dining Contract with the Housing and Residence Life office. When the contract is signed and returned to Virginia Tech, it becomes a legally binding agreement between the student and the University.

The contract will be terminated if the student completes requirements for graduation, or for any other reason is not enrolled in the university. If the student subsequently returns during the contract period, the contract will be reactivated upon re-enrollment. The university reserves the right to terminate the contract in the interest of order, health, maximum utilization of facilities, or disaster after due notice to the student.

Release from the contract for other reasons can be made upon the recommendation of the contract review committee. A request for contract cancellation does not automatically break the contract. The committee will consider the circumstances with regard to the impact upon both the student and the university.

Students who are required to complete a 2nd year as part of the residential college should first meet with their Student Life Coordinator in the HRC or the residential college at West AJ before submitting a contract release request using the process below.

To Initiate the Review Process

  1. Complete the Request for Contract Release Hearing Form and send to:
    • e-mail: housing@vt.edu
    • fax: 540-231-6818
    • letter:
      Housing and Residence Life
      Attn: Chairman, Contract Review
      New Hall West, Suite 144 (0428)
      190 West Campus Drive
      Blacksburg VA 24061
  2. You must provide information supporting the request to be released from the Housing/Dining Contract. The committee reviews cases with a focus on unforeseen circumstances that preclude the student's continuation in the residence halls. Requests which may be addressed by a room or hall change are seldom approved. Any requests based on medical need/disability must be reviewed by Services for Students with Disabilties, who serve in an ex officio capacity to the committee, prior to any review by the housing office.
  3. A hearing will be scheduled with the contract review committee to review the request (a pre-hearing conference with the chairperson is available upon request).
  4. You will be verbally notified of the decision at the hearing. Written notification will be sent via e-mail.
  5. Appeal forms will be issued if your request is denied. Completed appeal forms must be submitted to Housing and Residence Life within one week of the hearing. Appeals will be reviewed by the associate director for housing services. Appeal interviews will be held at the discretion of the appeal agent.
  6. You will be notified of any appeal decision by e-mail.   
  7. If your request is approved, you are required to follow room check-out procedures by the date specified.
  • During the Contract Review Hearing

    1. Prior to the hearing, any supporting materials not provided with the initial Contract Release Hearing Form, should be delivered to the chairperson of the contract review committee.
    2. You will be called into the hearing room. Other persons (including but not limited to parents/guardians) are not allowed into the hearing except to offer support of specific items to be presented for a limited time. If present, third parties will not be permitted to disrupt or to delay the proceedings through irrelevant or inappropriate presentations.
    3. The student verbally presents the information from the initial request and provides the committee with any additional information.
    4. The committee members may ask the student questions about the request.
    5. The student may make a final comment to the committee.
    6. The student is dismissed from the hearing room and the committee deliberates.
    7. The student is recalled to the hearing room and informed of the committee's decision.
    8. If the contract release request is denied, instructions on the appeal process are given. If granted, instructions for moving out are provided.