Housing Policies

Detailed Housing & Residence Life Policies and Dining Policies and Procedures can be found at http://www.hokiehandbook.vt.edu/

Students are responsible for knowing and following all university policies, rules, and regulations as outlined in the Hokie Handbook (including University Policies for Student Life) and in their respective Undergraduate or Graduate Catalog. The university reserves the right to change these regulations during the academic year and notice is hereby given of that possibility. The most current versions of these publications are available on-line:  

Student Procedure to Obtain and Dispose of Sharps Containers

  1. Students may obtain empty sharps containers from Schiffert Health Center staff or Environmental Health and Safety Services (EHSS) staff. To pick up empty sharps containters, go to the health center in person, or contact EHSS staff by phone at 540- 231-2509 or e-mail rmw@vt.edu to arrange delivery.
  2. When the sharps container is full and ready for disposal, you must return the full container to the health center. You may also contact EHSS to arrange pickup.
  3. Students should dispose of full containers directly into an approved receptacle to ensure containment of all medical waste and prevent accidental exposure.
  4. Schiffert Health center and EHSS staff will then dispose of the material as required by law. Once a sharps container is full, contact EHSS at 540- 231-2509 or rmw@vt.edu within 48 hrs. to request a pickup.
  5. Empty containers may be obtained at the time of disposal.

NOTE: Unless there are extenuating circumstances, no second or third parties should come in contact with used/filled sharps containers. The student should dispose of the container directly into the approved receptacle, and trained personnel must complete the pickup and disposal.

Due to the potential hazards and strict handling requirements associated with regulated medical waste, students or staff can face disciplinary action for improper disposal of any environmental hazard.