We don't expect you to move in completely on your own. If you need help, here is a short list of people who will be available during move-in and a description of what they will be able to assist you with.

Resident advisors (R.A.s) are student leaders and employees who live on each residence hall floor. They will be available at check-in tables and throughout the building during move-in to answer questions you may have.

Get Connected computer support teams will be in your residence hall during move-in to help you secure your computer and connect to the Virginia Tech network and the Internet.

Since the Internet isn't without bad guys, you'll want to secure your computer right away. To do so, run the VTNet CD before connecting to the network. A VTNet CD can be found in the phone package in your residence hall room.

For more information about securing your computer, visit the Lock It Down website. To view information about Get Connected, visit the 4Help.

Hokie Helpers is a group of faculty, staff, and student organization volunteers who help students and their parents move into residence hall rooms during check-in. Based on the number of volunteers available, Hokie helpers plans to help make the move-in process much easier and quicker for as many new and returning students as possible. These volunteers can help you unload vehicles, watch over belongings while you park your car, and carry items with you to your building lobby.

With this additional help, the move-in process becomes much easier and quicker, giving you more time to explore campus, settle in, and say goodbye.