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Top Orientation Questions about On-campus Housing

We field a number of questions over the summer - at Orientation, by email, phone, and in person.  Here are the top few questions we receive:

Q)  When will assignments be posted for fall?

    A)  Assignments will be posted on or about 31 August 2014 to the student's HokieSPA website.

Q)  What size are the mattresses?

    A)  Extra-long twin mattresses are in almost all rooms. Exceptions apply for the Graduate Life Center.  Also, if you are a Corps of Cadets member, please follow the directions in your Cadet Manual.

Q)  What size microwave can I have?

    A)   No larger than 1000 watts in power.

Q)  What size refrigerator can I have?

    A)   4.5 cubic feet. You might also consider checking out the Residence Hall Federation and their vendors for a Microfridge!

Q)  Can I have a single-serving coffee maker?

    A)  Yes, but we always caution students to be careful about placement for safety!

Margie Lawrence credited with bringing residence hall housekeeping into 21st century

    Margie Lawrence

Margie E. Lawrence is the kind of person movies are made of. She’s kind, compassionate, caring, hardworking, and successful. She’s proud to be an American and loves sports. She’s turned a job into a successful career, married the love of her life, and raised three boys.

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